When I’m asked why, I sit silently and reflect on my “why not”. In this lifetime I’ve learned to refrain myself from hasty responses and come to appreciate the power of reflection. My “why not” entails many challenges that I’ve had to encounter but it was primarily birthed out of my exposure to trauma at a young age, having to struggle with my “why” while most girls my age were absorbing all the pleasures life had to offer. Through my “why” came an understanding of people, a understanding of the power of connections and a understanding of the profound impact of disconnection. I have experienced that disconnection more than I would have liked. I grew with those disconnected. I sat with those who were disconnected. I befriended the disconnected. I lay with those who were disconnected. It became my normal. In many way I became disconnected. The light that once shined so brightly was tainted. Where I once gave freely there was distrust. Where I once moved without hesitation there was reservation.

I was in a constant state of holding back, in fear of judgement, hurt and disappointment. This created a heavy burden. I was cloudy. I felt stuck in the circumstances, bound by my past and held hostage by my actions and the actions of others. Still, there inside me was that light-a flickering dull light. Through all of my experiences-my trauma, my disappointment, my depression I could see it. I could feel the warmth of the light. Although flickering and dull it was my constant reminder that there was something greater being birthed in me.

I’m sure all of us have a story, right? Most times we are “flickering”, pressing through, making the best out of a bad situation. We have all been disappointed, hurt, or abused in some capacity or another. The major, single most important difference between you and others is the measure of your resiliency, the flickering of your light. Today, I challenge you to feel the warmth of your light. Let it ignite your spirit, rejuvenate your soul, refresh your thought processes. When they ask you “why”, whether it be in regards to a career move, starting that business, entering a new relationship-reflect on your experiences, your successes, your disappointments, your goals and let the light of your soul respond with a “why not”. You are a resilient spirit. You are courageous. Know that your light will flicker at times, your responsibility is to not let it dim out. All that you need is within you. Center yourself and instead of asking yourself “why”, pose the question to yourself…. “why not”.

Stay Courageous, gentle soul. Courageous


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