Individual Therapy

Moving to a place of clarity will happen in a safe, welcoming environment that is free of judgement and ridicule. Your questions, ideas and concerns will be addressed and approached in a respectful manner. Our clinicians will help you understand disconnections in your life and build healthy boundaries that exude self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance. If you are dealing with any of the issues below, call us! Together we can begin to do the work and move you towards living your best life.


  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Sexuality

  • Seeking Clarity

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Difficult Decisions

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Career Counseling

  • Depression, Sadness

  • Dealing with Grief or Loss of a Loved One

  • Struggling with Life’s Purpose or Your Journey


What is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy and incorporates a number of techniques to help clients move through difficult situations such as emotional distress, depression and sadness or clinical disorders. Psychotherapy can help clients achieve self-fulfillment and personal growth. Our clinicians utilize a number of therapeutic techniques based on your  individual needs. If you have additional questions for one of the therapist please feel free to schedule a consultation prior to beginning your work. At this time, we accept select insurances. However, we are happy to submit documentation for Out of Network reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider prior to your session to inquire about “Out of Network” options available through your plan. If you would like to move forward with submitting documentation to your insurance provider please know the submission does not guarantee approval. Pinnacle of Purpose Counseling, PLLC accepts Aetna, Cigna, University of Texas employee-assistance program, Fei Workforce Resilience (a EAP program), cash, all major credit cards and flexible spending account (FSA) payments. No checks are accepted.