Pinnacle of Purpose Counseling + Consulting, PLLC is a group therapy practice located in Pearland, Texas. Our mission is to support women of color as they become more liberated and begin to live life on their own terms. Our goal is to create a non-threatening environment in which you can explore yourself, embrace imperfections and take actionable steps towards evolving  into the person you’ve dreamt of becoming.



We believe in the power of human connection. We challenge you to show up as your authentic, real self in every space that you occupy with the understanding that this lifetime is bigger than you.


We honor the courage it takes to confront old thought patterns. We recognize the bravery in calling out generational trauma in an effort to grow and find new ways of existing.


We value emotional safety. We believe true healing happens when you feel seen and supported in sharing your story.


We believe purpose resides in you. Purpose is a beautiful gift that reveals itself through lived experiences. We help you to identify your purpose through learning generational patterns of behavior and processing pain.


We laugh. We believe smiling warms the heart and opens space for you to feel light and more balanced.


We value movement. We practice from a solution-focused framework. We believe the answers you seek are already within you. We hold space while you develop a plan for your life that feels good, that feels right and exciting.