Therapy for Black Girls

Dear black girl, you are very strong but life is hard and it has left you feeling weary,
feeling very weak.

Dear black girl, so vocal, so opinionated but life and its stereotypes of the “angry
black woman” have made you afraid speak.

Hey, my black girl. Yes, you!
You have so much knowledge up there.
Let me ask you beautiful black woman, when did you become so hesitant, so resistant,
so fearful to share?

My black girl. You are beautiful.
Your spirit.
Your heart.
You are not blessed by the way that you close yourself off, but you are blessed by
your servant leadership. That’s how your blessings start!

Hey, black girl. Yes, you!
Take off that superwoman cape.
Your power does not lie in the way that you hold your pain.
It’s your release. It’s the way your authenticity, your vulnerability is draped.

It hurts. He hurt you. They hurt you. You hurt yourself.
You are ashamed.
You are disappointed.
You are confused.
You feel dirty.
You feel disrespected.
You have every right to feel used.

It sucks.
It’s painful.
It feels like it will never end.
Dear black woman, where do you go when you’ve exhausted all of your family and
your friends?

Hey, black girl. You are resilient.
People love your warmth, your wittiness, your sass. Remember inside of you resides a beacon of light and your problems you can sur-pass.

My black girl. Yes, you!
There is healing.
There is love in abundance for you.
Be open.
Accept change.
Embrace newness.
Be intentional in all that you do.

Hey beautiful, vulnerable, courageous black girl.
You got this and I’ll be honored to sit and hold the space for you.
The universe is working this thing out on your behalf.
Just know that you have to be working too.

Stay Courageous, Gentle Soul. Courageous.

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