Social Service Agencies help residents to connect with community organizations and their programs to improve quality of life and provide basic needs including but not limited to rental and utility assistance, medical insurance, food pantries and/or community clinics.

2-1-1 I Texas Health and Human Services Commission

United Way Brazoria County

Aunt Bertha

Mental Health Agencies help people to understand and cope with mental illness. Many mental health agencies provide literature on the signs/symptoms of mental illness and provide information on who to reach out to should you or a family member suffer with a clinical disorder.

Mental Health of America

Gulf Coast Center

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Human Trafficking Organizations help community residents to understand the world of human trafficking and provide resources to victims and their family members who have been involved in or have been a victim of human trafficking.

Elijah Rising

Free The Captives Houston

Bullying is a form intimidation used by school-aged children to make their peer(s) feel inferior. Bullying can be physical, emotional or physical. The following is a website that explains to teenagers the negative impact of bullying and encourages your teenager to take a stance against bullies.

I Witness Bullying

Suicide Prevention APPS provide community residents with information on support when dealing with a mental health crisis. Live counselors are available to talk/text callers through crisis situations.
(Available on Google Play and/or iTunes App Store)

Ask & Prevent Suicide App

SEESAY Teen Suicide Prevention App

Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741